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Thurstle Mullins Sues Fractals R Us Publishing

Reuters, 10/26/99, Atlantic City

Documents were filed in the NJ State Court today alleging fraud, theft, and racketeering against Douglas Grant, the Fractals R Us Publishing Company, and others (see story 10/22/99).

"I will fight this to the death" proclaimed Thrstle Mullins on the steps of the State Courthouse late this morning. The suit claims that it was Mullins who made the casino-shaking discovery that provides the basis for FractalClumps. The documents allege that a co-conspirator, Thomas Bolick, posed for 2 years in a Mullins sponsored Internet practice and research group as a participant known only as "Grampy". It was during this period that Bolick, posing as Grampy, gained the confidence of Mullins and stole the industry shattering algorithms that Mullins was in the process of developing and patenting, the documents allege.

"This was my life's work" bemoaned Mullins, a high school drop-out with a penchant for unorthodox mathematics, "I have followed in the footsteps of great thinkers of the past, men like Tesla, Galileo, and Liebniz and they too had their problems!"

Fractalrithms will change the world as we know it, I will not lose my bid for immortality!", declares Mullins.

The Mullins suit seeks damages in the amount of $200 Million and a jury trial. At press time defendants Grant and Bolick were unavailable for comment. Another defendant, Harvry Jacobs Ph. D, who also worked secretly with Mullins, apparently not wanting to risk his credibility within the so-called 'card counters' community, was asked to respond to the litigative charges, to which he exclaimed "ROTFLOL!"


E R R A T A --- E R R A T A

In the last paragrahp of the Mullins suit, release dated 10/26/99, defendant "Harvey Jacobs Ph. D" should read "Harvey Jay Cohen Ph. D".



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